Co-hosting and being useful

Everyone is invited to create our time together. You are welcome to be useful in anyway you feel like. Please bring with you anything you feel would be useful, like

  • tools, stories, cases, projects, questions, knowledge, presence
  • your project team, your mentor, your muse, your children of life and work
  • drama, music, instruments, art, bricolage, handicraft, poetry, songs,
  • harvesting tools and skills: graphical facilitation, drawing, writing, video, photography,
  • cooking skills, beauty hosting, space hosting,
  • morning, day, evening and night program and activities
  • a yurt, funny clothing, pillows, blankets, food and drink, a sauna on wheels or whatever.

You are also welcome to come “empty handed” and see what possibilities to be useful emerge.

Hosting team

If you wish to take part in the designing and hosting of the learning village or you would like to be helpful in any other way, please contact anyone in the calling team presented below. The hosting team gathers for a lunch around noon on Thursday 26th, after which we will get organized for action. Join us for lunch at Chapman or join us at any time at Gallery Augusta.

Calling team & other hosts


Juha HuuskonenJUHA HUUSKONEN – Site host
Organiser/Curator/Artist/Software Designer

Juha is an organiser/curator/artist/software designer based in Helsinki, Finland. Since January 2014 he has worked as the Director of HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme.,
, +358 40 570 9617

Jan-Erik TarpilaJAN-ERIK TARPILA – Design host
Transformation Facilitator and Learning Host

Jan-Erik is a group process designer, learning and transformation host and participatory leadership researcher. His art is creating and hosting spaces for people to come together in order to create shared learning and wise action,  jan, +358 40 514 2335


Facilitator, Participatory Process Designer, Art of Hosting Practioner

Kirsi feels drawn to connect people and stories between different contexts. She designs and facilitates processes around participatory leadership and socially engaged transformation, especially projects aiming for sustainable change. Kirsi sees community processes as a speedway for gaining insights – whether an organization, society or a human being. Kirsi works as a process designer and facilitator and  serves also as Global Ecovillage Network´s Ambassador for Finland.,, +358 40 569 5397

vilmamutka_kuva1VILMA MUTKA – Design host
Learning Consultant, Facilitator

Vilma is an inspirational, entrepreneurial facilitator and coach who believes in the transformational power of meaningful conversations combined with experimenting and action. With a background in team coaching and event project management she designs and leads effective learning processes and events for better leadership and society. Development and activation work in educational institutions, regional development and EU projects and have been her operating field for the last years. She works as learning consultant and facilitator at Business Arena Oy.,, +358 40 5050 216

stephanieroikoSTEPHANIE ROIKO – Facility host
Project & Residency Coordinator

Stephanie is a project and residency coordinator at HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and a learning consultant., +358 45 2631 502

Rainer von LeoprechtingRAINER VON LEOPRECHTING – Learning Village Host
Adaptive corporate culture facilitator and art of hosting practioner

Rainer grew up in Trier/Mosel (Germany) and lives nowadays in Austria. He is a seasoned consultant and builds communities of change agents. He was active within the European Commission from 1994-2012. After many projects and functions in management and strategy, he had been starting off the in-house consulting service which he lead until January 2012. In these years he introduced participatory and innovative methods like the Art of Participatory Leadership or Action Learning into the workings of the European institutions. He now starts up a new venture that links people to their next meaningful work:

Lena Maria JacobssonLENA MARIA JACOBSSON – Learning Village Host
Process consultant and teacher in Art of Hosting, Action Lear­ning and Yoga

Lena born in Gotland, Sweden, became a professional host since her first assignments in Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and for more than 15 years with the EU Commission in Brussels working as in-house consultant. She co-pioneered the practice of the Art of Hosting and process consulting in the overall EU Commission organisation. Since November 2012 she is full partner of pro action learning. Lena is a life-long learner and facilitator of new methods. Lena strengthens emergent communities of practice that self-learn. She transmits her experience in workshops and as a commu­nity coach.


PictureVIOLA TSCHENDEL – Learning Village Host and Harvester
Societal development companion, participatory learning processes, graphic visualization

Viola born in Germany and now based in Denmark. She is on her journey to co-create meaningful community experiences and spaces that lead to connection, insight and wiser action towards the society we want to be. She holds a Master in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and is currently starting up in Copenhagen in the field of community hosting, graphic visualization, process consulting, and co-creating leadership journeys. On that journey, one of Viola’s learning edges is to use all senses, embodiment and creativity when working with emergence, presence and finding our next steps. Deep learning and wild, creative harvesting excites her about this village. Come travelers to make it happen!

nancy bragardNANCY BRAGARD – Learning Village Host
Process Architect and Art of Hosting practitioner

Nancy grew up in the USA and has lived in France for 40 years. As a professional interculturalist, she came to see the development potential in turning things over to the participants; little by little her work went from training to coaching to facilitating to hosting. She brought Art of Hosting to France in 2010 and since has been stewarding its evolution. The overall intention of her work is unleashing the highest potential in each person and organisation by bringing forth, through conversations, the tacit talents and passions that lie within …

MARTIN RÖLL – Design host
Organisational Developer, Coach and Facilitator

Version 2Martin is an organisational developer, a business consultant and a coach. He also is an improv dancer, a Buddhist and a European. He enjoys people collaborating and finding out what humans can do together. His part is in figuring out what a situation needs, so that collaboration can work.,, +49 178 4984743




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