We will occupy the premises of HIAP, The Helsinki International Artist Programme on the historical fortress island of Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) in Helsinki. Accommodation and other activities are all on Sveaborg.

Sveaborg is a Unesco World Heritage -site. It is a unique combination of diverse cultural activities, maritime environment and layers of history spanning over 250 years. Yet it is only a 15-minute ferry ride from the heart of the city. See more at www.suomenlinna.fi

sveaborg_bayHow to get to the island?

Sveaborg is accessible only by water. A ferry service runs from the Market Square to Sveaborg throughout the year. In the summer season, a water bus service to Sveaborg is also available. The guest harbour in the middle of Sveaborg caters to visitors arriving by their own boats.

The trip to Sveaborg takes 15–20 minutes and offers magnificent views of Helsinki and its’ surroundings from the sea. During spring, the trip through the perhaps still ice-covered waters is a unique experience.

To the Ferry from the airport using public

Train runs from the airport to Helsinki central railway station. No matter which way you take the train while it is a circle route. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

Single regional tickets can be bought at the ticket machines on the train platform or on the train. Remember to buy a regional ticket. The price should be about 5 euros. The ticket is valid on all transport (train, bus, tram and Sveaborg ferry) within Helsinki and surrounding cities for about 90 minutes from the moment of purchase. The expiry time is printed on the ticket. You can transfer from one vehicle to another within the validity of your ticket. You must get on a bus, tram, train or ferry before the expiry time of your ticket, but you can complete your journey even after your ticket has expired.

From the train to the Market Square ferry pier
From the train station walk (1km) or take a tram to the HSL ferry. See the map for exact location. Please notice that your train ticket is valid on trams and the ferry, but not on the water bus!

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