Hostel Suomenlinna
Affordable accommodation on site in available at Hostel Suomenlinna. Hostel Suomenlinna was once a Russian primary school, then barracks and now a hostel. The hostel has 40 beds, divided between both smaller private rooms and larger group rooms. There’s a supermarket nearby and a laundry. The distance from the main pier to Hostel Suomenlinna is 50 metres. ! Update on 14 April: Suomenlinna hostel is mostly full already, only some individual beds are available !

The bookings and payments of accommodation are handled directly by Hostel Suomenlinna. We advice you to reserve the room as early as possible.

Airbnb and Coachsurfing
Airbnb and coachsurfing options are available on Suomenlinna island.

Hostel Suomenlinna

Accommodation in central Helsinki is a 15 minutes ferry ride away. A ferry service runs to the Helsinki Market Square from Sveaborg. The last boat to/from Suomenlinna is around 2 am, and the first one around 6 am.


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