Hospitality, Do-Cracy, Power and Safety

During the next Learning Village in Sveaborg I will explore the themes of hospitality, safety and power structures. You are welcome to join me on the journey to explore these mysteries!


– HOSPITALITY; the relationship between people, and the practice of being hospitable. What make us feel welcome? What have we learned and what could we still learn from our ancestors and from cultures which foster traditions of hospitality?

– Do-CRACY; what helps us to take action and be the change we need and want to see around us? What is needed to give room for positive activism in organizations, communities and other groups? How is do-cracy related to co-learning, co-sensing, co-acting and being together?

– POWER; are we aware of the hidden power structures in communities, organizations, politics, etc.? What kind of power structures and control mechanisms are useful for the whole and what would help us to let go of stifling unnecessary dysfunctional practices and structures?

– LIBERATING STRUCTURES; what can we learn about rules and principles governing our everyday interactions and life in human systems? What are the minimal structures that help us create great organizations and better life for each and everyone of us?

– SAFETY; what make us feel safe and how to foster conditions for safety. What kind of structures and practices help us maintain safety? How to deal with personal fears and shadows in group context?

Welcome to the next Learning Village to join me on the journey of exploration!

with love,
Jan-Erik Tarpila