Support and voluntary work

DSCN7403This learning village is made possible and affordable thanks to support and voluntary work of the calling team, Helsinki International Artist Programme and people from the Art of Hosting community and Finnish Association of Facilitators and all others who will help and have helped to make this true.

Crowdfunding option:  There are participants who have expressed their eagerness to join the Learning Village but can´t afford due to their financial situation or long distance traveling expenses. If you feel you´d like to help, you can register as a corporate participant and pay the corporate price instead of the individual price.


This is a non-profit event. Everyone stands for their own expenses. We are making an effort to make the Learning Village financially accessible to everyone who wishes to join. This is why there are separate fees for corporate and private participants.

Private persons = individuals paying themselves, small size entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and others with a limited budget.
Corporate participants = your employer organization is paying, large companies and public sector organisations.

LEARNING VILLAGE (Thursday 26 – Tuesday 31 May)
4 days + Pre and Post days (6 days total)

During The Learning Village hosting, preparations, facilities, supplies, breakfast, lunch and snack and some ad hoc programme are included in the fee. During pre and post learning village days facilities, breakfast and snack are included.

  1. Private persons 265 euros / 1+4+1 days (pre + village + post)
  2. Corporate participants 530 euros / 1+4+1 days (pre + village + post)

LEARNING VILLAGE VISITOR (Friday 27 – Monday 30 March)
Any 2 days during LV
The Learning Village including hosting, preparations, facilities, supplies, breakfast, lunch, snack and some ad hoc programme.

  1. Private persons 190 euros / 2 days
  2. Corporate participants 380 euros / 2 days

Please notice!
– Accommodation is not included. Affordable accommodation is available on-site.
– No value added tax (VAT) is included nor will it be added in fees (VAT 0%).
– Places are limited to 60 participants and priority for participants staying at least 4 days.


2014-08-23 09.34.03Children and other family members do not need to pay the full fees above. You may determine what is appropriate contribution for children and other family members to cover the expenses.



Affordable accommodation on site is available; see section Accommodation.







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